New technology, proven quality

Euroman™ is a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial refrigeration components and equipment in South Africa.
We have earned a top reputation in the industry for quality and performance. The Euroman Refrigeration components division has been operating for 15 years and has developed an impressive line of products – evaporators, coils and condensors for the use in building commercial underbars, fridges and freezers.
Euroman™ also specialise in the design and installation of cold rooms and refrigerated facilities.

A full range of class-leading components

Euroman Refrigeration manufactures the cooling units that are used to power a wide range of commercial scale cold-rooms and temperature-controlled facilities.

The Euroman range includes:

> Open type condensing units

> Wall mounting pack units (1.1kw-28kw)

> Floor mounting pack units (1.8kw-40kw)

> Complete range of blower coils (1.1kw-41kw)

> Parallel multiplex rack systems

> Remote air cooled condensers (45kw-828kw)

Our breakthrough HECU technology is delivering savings of 20-40% to our customers. Contact us today to see how we can utilise our leading design technologies to deliver significant savings to your business.

The Euroman™ advantage

Lower running costs for fast return on investment on equipment our latest HECU units integrate the condensing unit with a DC compressor. HECU communicates directly with the refrigerated units inside the store which are equipped with electronic expansion valves thus increasing attention to energy efficiency. Lower environmental impact and further reduced running costs. This forward thinking makes the solution the perfect solution to the market needs.


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KZN , South Africa
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